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Handcrafted Vintage St. Paul Minnesota Sterling Silver Souvenir Collectors Spoon w/ Twisted Handle Gold-washed & Hand Engraved Bowl

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    Wonderful, Beautifully Detailed, Little Handcrafted Vintage St. Paul, Minnesota, Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon. The spoon has a fantastic twisted handle. The bowl is gold-washed, and hand engraved.

   The piece measures just over approximately 3 and 9/16 inches long. The bowl measures just over approximately 13/16 of an inch wide, and the handle measures approximately 11/16 of an inch wide, at the curled end.(Included is a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) Marked on the top of the handle, "Sterling", unsigned. Weight is approximately 6.3 grams.

  This spoon is in very nice vintage/antique condition. It is an old piece, and will have all of the expected scratches and scrapes to the silver from normal wear. No monogram. There may be a little wear to the gold washed bowl. Hand polished, but it may need further attention, especially in the crevices of the design, and to the etching in the bowl, as it was completely black to begin.

   A fantastic handmade vintage Sterling silver souvenir spoon. Beautifully crafted, with wonderful, folksy, detail.


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