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Vintage Native American Handcrafted Vintage Finely Detailed Wrapped Tied Feathers Ring 6.5mm Band Size 7.5

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    Fantastic, Highly Detailed and Very Beautiful, Handcrafted Vintage Old Pawn Sterling Silver Southwest Wrapped Feathers Ring.

   The ring is approximately a size 7 and 1/2. The feather portions of the face of the ring measure just over approximately 1/4 of an inch, or around 6.5 millimeters, high. The wrapped connecting portion of the face measures just over about 1/6 of an inch, or roughly 2 millimeters, high. The band narrows to just over about 3/16 of an inch, or approximately 5 millimeters, wide, where the feathers connect in the back. (Included you will find a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) This ring stamped inside, "Sterling", unsigned. Weight is approximately 2.3 grams.

    This is a vintage piece, which has been worn and enjoyed. There will be the expected surface scratches and dings in the silver from normal wear. This is a handcrafted ring, and will not be machine-perfect in any way. The band is slightly out of round, though it's possibly an inherent characteristic.  Hand polished, but there will still be plenty of areas of missed tarnish, especially in the crevices, as it was completely black to start, and an attempt was made not to remove too much patina. This is one of those items the camera gave a reddish-orange cast to, the tarnish appears black to the eye.

   A very nice old handmade Southwestern Native American Sterling silver feathers ring. Uncommon, lots of detail from every angle. Just lovely work.