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Handcrafted Vintage Sterling Silver Bloodstone,& Agate Beaded Toggle Necklace w/ Cutaway Freeform Eastern Symbolic Pendant 18"

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    Lovely, Unusual, Handcrafted Vintage Sterling Silver, Bloodstone, and Agate Beaded Toggle Necklace with Cutaway Freeform Symbolic Pendant.

   The pendant portion measures just under about 7/8 of an inch, or about 22 millimeters, high, attachment ring included, by approximately 9/16 of an inch, or 14.2875 millimeters, wide, and just over about 1/16 of an inch, or around 2 millimeters, thick.
The necklace measures about 18 and 1/8 inches long, from end to end, and will fit (closed) at roughly 18 inches in length. The beads average just over approximately 1/4 of an inch, or about 6.5 millimeters, wide. (Included is a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) Toggle clasp with carved detailing. I found no marks as to content nor a signature, but acid testing confirmed solid Sterling silver clasp and pendant. Weight is approximately 27.3 grams, which includes mainly stone weight, of course.
  This necklace is in very good vintage condition, but will likely have the expected light surface scratches from normal wear. I saw no chipped or cracked beads. Hand polished, but may still have some tarnish.

   A very nice vintage Sterling silver and gemstone toggle necklace. Great depth of color and richness. Much lovelier in person than the camera captured.