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Vintage Native American Sand Cast Sterling Silver and Petrified Wood Inlaid Heavy Cuff Bracelet 6"

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   Fantastic, Unusual, Heavy Vintage Sand Cast Native American Sterling Silver and Petrified Wood Southwest Design Inlaid Cuff Bracelet.

   The angled central face of the bracelet measures just over approximately 1 and 7/8 inches high. The cuff narrows to about 3/16 of an inch, or approximately 4.7625 millimeters, high, at either side of the current 1 and 1/16 inch gap. The inside circumference, as shown, is about 6 and 1/16 inches, including the gap, but can probably be gently and carefully bent to fit, though this is a heavily cast item. If you prefer, inside width is about 2 and 3/16 inches, approximately 1 and 3/4 inches in interior depth. (Included you'll see a US Quarter in the photographs, for measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) The bracelet is faintly stamped, "Sterling" on the back, unsigned
Weight is approximately 30.8 grams, which includes the petrified wood inlay weight, of course.

  This bracelet is in good condition, but will exhibit all of the expected surface scratches and tiny dings to the silver from age and normal wear. The inlay does exhibit a few scratches and one or two cracks, but nothing unstable or too visually distracting. The bracelet is slightly out of shape, not badly bent nor creased, however, and can probably be gently and carefully reshaped. This is a heavy cast piece, and not as flexible as your average cuff. Hand polished extensively, but some tarnish remains, especially in the crevices and on the back.

   A gorgeous and very different vintage handcrafted Southwest Sterling silver and petrified wood cuff bracelet
.  Beautiful details and great depth in the casting. Boldly sized, but feminine and curvy.