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Antique Victorian Edwardian Solid 14K Rosy Yellow Gold w/ Carved Intaglio Carnelian Cameo Bust Stick Pin

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    Wonderful Antique Victorian/Edwardian Solid 14K Rosy Yellow Gold and Carved Intaglio Carnelian Stick Pin.

   The piece measures just over approximately 2 and 1/8 inches long, altogether. The top setting measures about 3/8 of an inch wide, by approximately 7/16 of an inch high and just over roughly 1/8 of an inch deep.  (Included you will see a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) Not marked as to content, nor signed, but discreetly acid tested as solid 14K gold.
Weight is approximately 1.7 grams, which includes the stone weight, of course.

   This pin is in good vintage condition, though it will have the expected surface scratches and tiny dings to the gold from age and normal wear. No visible damage to the carnelian. The pin is fairly straight, but has a bend or two, and sharp. Given only a light hand cleaning, and this piece may need further attention before wear.

   A very nicely carved, dimensional, antique 14K solid gold and carved carnelian stick pin. The photos do not do it justice.