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Detailed Signed Vintage 14K Solid Yellow Gold & Vivid Green Faceted Peridot Shooting Falling Star Stud Pierced Earrings

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    Beautiful, Curvy and Detailed, Petite Signed Vintage 14K Solid Yellow Gold and Vivid Green Faceted Peridot Shooting Star Stud Pierced Earrings.

   Each earring face measures just under approximately 5/8 of an inch, or about 15.85 millimeters, high by just under about 1/4 of an inch, or approximately 6.25 millimeters, wide, and just under approximately 1/8 of an inch, or about 3 millimeters, deep. Though perfectly accurate measurement of a set stone is nearly impossible, each peridot measures just over about 1/16 of an inch, or about 2 millimeters, across for a total carat weight of roughly .06 carats. (Included you will see a US Dime in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) The back of each earring is stamped, "14K", and signed with a maker's mark of either, "TT", or LL". Each post is also stamped, "14K", and signed, with a "CC" in an oval mark. Each clutch is stamped, "585", with a citrus slice maker's mark. Also discreetly acid tested and confirmed to be solid 14K gold. Combined weight is approximately 1.24 grams, which includes the stone weight, of course.

   These are vintage earrings, which have been worn and enjoyed. They will likely have a few of the expected light surface scratches to the gold, from normal wear. Both posts are pretty much straight.  The clutches fit and hold securely. I saw no chips to the stones. Lightly cleaned by hand, but they have not been professionally polished, and might benefit from further attention. Please forgive the blotchy and dark reflections of the black camera lens, camera body, and tripod in the photos.

   A very unique and charming, nicely crafted little pair of
vintage 14K gold and peridot shooting star stud earringsDainty and feminine, with stylish design, rich color, and a great sense of movement.