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Dainty Signed Antique Ostby & Barton Solid 10K Yellow Gold w/ Blue Faux Sapphire Stone Ring Size 4.5 Titanic

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    Beautiful, Delicately Crafted and, Signed Antique Ostby & Barton Solid 10K Yellow Gold and Blue Faux Sapphire Ring.

   The ring is approximately a size 4 and 1/2, but is sizeable by your jeweler within limits. The face of the ring measures just over approximately 3/8 of an inch, or about 10 millimeters high. The decorated area measures approximately 9/16 of an inch, or around 14.2875 millimeters, wide. The band narrows to just over about 1/16 of an inch, or around 2 millimeters, wide at the narrowest point in back. (Included please find a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.)
The simulated sapphire measures about 1/4 of an inch across, roughly 6.35 millimeters. The ring is marked, "10K", inside the band, and signed with the famous, "OB", maker's mark of Ostby & Barton. (Mr. Ostby well known for having perished aboard the Titanic in 1912.) Very discreetly acid tested as solid 10K gold, as well. Weight is approximately 1.82 grams, which includes the stone weight, of course.

   This is a very old piece, which has been worn and enjoyed. There will be the expected surface scratches and tiny dings in the gold from age and normal wear. The stone appears to be man made, and has tiny chips and plenty of surface wear, but no cracks. The ring band remains round and true. Given a light cleaning by hand, and it may need further attention in order to really sparkle, as it was so tarnished to begin with that it appeared to be rose gold.

   A very pretty, finely detailed and highly collectable antique Ostby & Barton 10K Gold ring. Immediately recognizable styling, petite but eye-catching. A real charmer.