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Large Vintage Sterling Silver Detailed Openwork Tree Of Life 17.5mm Round Stud Pierced Earrings

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Large, Beautiful, Highly Detailed, Vintage Sterling Silver Openwork Tree Of Life Round Stud Pierced Earrings.

   Each earring face measures just over approximately 11/16 of an inch, or about 17.5 millimeters, in diameter, by just under roughly 1/16 of an inch, or about 1 millimeter, thick. (Included a US Quarter in the photographs, for the measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) The back of each earring is stamped, "925", unsigned. These came without clutches, so provided are brand new Sterling replacements. Each clutch is stamped, "925". Combined weight is approximately 2.3 grams.

  These are vintage earrings, which have been worn and enjoyed. They may have the expected light surface scratches and possibly tiny dings to the silver. No visible dents, bends, or creases. One earring has a tiny gap in the casting one side, which looks like a crack in the photos, but does not go through the piece, and is likely just a casting holiday. Neither post appears completely straight, but both remain wearable. The brand new Sterling replacement clutches fit and hold well. Hand polished, but there may be further tarnish to remove.

   A very pretty, intricately designed pair of vintage Sterling silver Tree Of Life earrings. Large, but comfortable, and full of meaning.