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Amazing Massive Vintage Mexican 980 Sterling Silver Hands w/ Carved Amethyst Tulips Chunky Cuff Bracelet Ca. 1940's

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   Fantastic, Bold and Chunky, Highly Detailed, Handcrafted Vintage Mexican 980 Sterling Silver Carved Amethyst Cuff Bracelet, in the Spratling Design of a Pair of Hands Holding Tulips, circa 1940's.

   The central face of the bracelet measures approximately 2 and 5/16 inches high and projects roughly 9/16 of an inch. From the edge of the open curve features side to side, the face measures about 2 and 11/16 inches wide. The cuff narrows at the gap ends to just under about 1 and 1/4 inches high. The inside circumference, as shown, is about 6 and 9/16 inches, including the current 1 and 1/8 inch gap. (It is not recommended that you attempt to adjust the fit yourself, as this is a very heavily made cuff -though a jeweler may be able to safely attempt it- so assume this is the final fit and measurement.) If you prefer, inside width is just under about 2 and 7/16 inches, approximately 1 and 11/16 inches in interior depth. (I have included a US Quarter in the photographs, for measurement-challenged and ruler-averse.) The bracelet is stamped, "Silver Mexico" on a plate in the central interior, unsigned
Weight is impressive, at approximately 79.5 grams, which includes the amethyst weight, of course.

  This bracelet is in pretty good condition, considering its advanced age, but will exhibit all of the expected surface scratches and dings to the silver from age and normal wear. The carved amethyst tulips do exhibit a few scratches and one or two chips, but nothing unstable or too visually distracting and no cracks. All of the amethysts have surface wear and natural inclusions, as expected. The bracelet may be slightly out of shape, not badly bent or creased, but has some areas visible inside which indicate some flex has occurred over the years. The tulips both rattle a bit in their settings. This is a very heavily crafted piece, and will not bend to fit as your average cuff. Polished extensively by hand, but with care not to remove the desirable patina, so some tarnish remains, especially in the crevices and on the interior.

   A gorgeous, impressively dramatic, vintage handcrafted Mexican 980 Sterling silver hands holding carved amethyst tulips cuff bracelet
.  Stunning detail and remarkable, weighty, craftsmanship. Boldly sized, but feminine and curvy. This old piece is a must-have for your collection. True statement jewelry.